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Craft and commerce

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Kaspar Karsen (1810-1896)
The Amsterdam stock exchange before its demolition in 1837. Signed and dated K. Karssen 1836. Canvas, 87 × 109 cm.

Rotterdam, Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, inv.nr. 1297. Purchased in 1865 at sale Baron van Brienen van de Groot Lindt, Paris, May 8, 1865, for 500 guilders. The sitter was not an ancestor of the Baron, who was from a family of wealthy Catholic merchants. A painting of this description was sold at auction in Amsterdam on 26 July 1775 for one

The banker Adriaan van der Hoop began to collect seriously only in 1832. His main interest was in Dutch painting of the seventeenth century, but he also gave commissions to living artists (see also cat.nr. 55). In this case, the commission was partly inspired by his purchase in 1833 of a painting of the old stock exchange by Job Berckheyde (cat.nr.34). For the collector's personal memories of the building, see the text.

De Bruyn Kops 1964

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