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Managing Director of the New Stadsmuseum Rotterdam

Museum Rotterdam

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Full time - permanent position
Closing date
31 March 2024
Posted on
5 March 2024

The people of Rotterdam are proud of their city, and Rotterdam deserves a platform for the city’s stories. A venue where inhabitants recognize themselves, where they can listen to and meet each other. A site full of ambition to show the stories of the city in a proud and creative way to Rotterdam and the rest of the world.

The new Stadsmuseum aims to feed the collective memory and to allow residents and visitors to experience, debate and undergo the city’s diverse identity. It aspires to be accessible and to appeal to the imagination by forging connections between the present, past and future of the city.

Now is the time to recruit the person who will make these ambitions come true.
The new Stadsmuseum Rotterdam is therefore looking for a

with vision and guts, with patience and decisiveness

We hope to have this person on board by the 1st July 2024.

About the new Stadsmuseum Rotterdam

In 2021, the municipality commissioned a quartermaster and a programme maker to advise on a new vision of the city’s museum function. This resulted in the advisory report Ookvanjou!, which outlines the contours of a new, ambitious city museum for Rotterdam, operating from a professional basis and at an attractive location, with masterpieces from the Rotterdam Collection.
With all kinds of partners in the city and in co-creation with residents, communities and artists, the museum shows the different perspectives on the city. In this way, the museum strengthens the involvement of residents and enhances the experience of the city for visitors. The plans and the vision for the future can be read in the two reports on the website Ookvanjou! (2021) and naareennieuwstadsmuseum (2022).

The Museum Rotterdam Foundation is developing this new city museum function, for which the Supervisory Board was renewed and expanded in 2023. The recruitment of a managing director is the next step. This is an exciting and challenging task.

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