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Dr. Yao-Fen You Senior Curator and Head of the Product Design and Decorative Arts Department, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York, New York, USA


Member of CODART since 2004

CODART publications

Anja K. Sevcik, Irina Sokolova, Alejandro Vergara, Adriaan Waiboer, Yao-Fen You, “Hidden Gems by Five Curators”, CODARTfeatures, November 2018.

Dr. Yao-Fen You, “Sculpture and Decorative Arts from the Low Countries in the Collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts”, CODARTfeatures, September 2012.

Selected publications


‘Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s Wedding Dance: An Iconic Painting Reconsidered’
Yao-Fen You, Ellen Hanspach and Christina Bisulca
Essay in The Bruegel Success Story.Symposium XXI for the Study of Underdrawing and Technology in Painting

‘Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s Wedding Dance: An Iconic Painting Reconsidered’
Yao-Fen You
Article in Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts 93 (2019)


‘Paul Coremans, Edgar Richardson and the 1960 Flemish Art Show: A Transatlantic Friendship Forged by a Transatlantic Exhibition’
Yao-Fen You
Essay in A Man of Vision. Paul Coremans and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Worldwide. Proceedings of the International Symposium Paul Coremans Held in Brussels, 1517 June 2015, edited by Dominique Deneffe and Dominique Van Wijnsberghe (Scientia Artis 15) (Brussels 2019), pp. 159–175.


‘A Miniature Netherlandish Treasure in Detroit’
Yao-Fen You
Article in The Low Countries: Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands 26 (2018), pp. 30–33


‘The “infinite variety” of Netherlandish carved altarpieces’
Yao-Fen You
Essay in Netherlandish Sculpture of the 16th Century (Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek/ Netherlands Yearbook for Art History 67), edited by Ethan Matt Kavaler, Frits Scholten, and Joanna Woodall, pp. 34–77
Leiden, 2017


‘Another Piece of the Rogerian Puzzle: Recent Findings on the Arenberg Lamentation’
Yao-Fen You
Essay in Rogier van der Weyden and the Iberian Peninsula: Proceedings of the International Symposium/Actas del Congreso Internacional, edited by Lorne Campbell and José Juan Pérez Preciado, pp. 77–87
Madrid, 2016


‘New Observations Concerning the Stoke Poges Windows at the Detroit Institute of Arts’
Yao-Fen You
Article in Revista de História da Arte—Série W 3 (2015), pp. 152–164


‘Arenberg Lamentation Disassembled’
Yao-Fen You and John C. Steele
Essay in Polychrome Sculpture: Tool Marks and Construction Techniques (ICOM–CC Interim Meeting, Working Group Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration, Maastricht 24–25 October 2010), ed. Kate Seymour (ICOM 2014)


‘Sculpture and Decorative Arts from the Lowlands in the Detroit Institute of Arts’
Yao-Fen You
Article in CODART eZine 1 (Autumn 2012)

‘Looking anew at the Arenberg Lamentation’
Yao-Fen You, Cathy Selvius de Roo and John C. Steele
Essay in Rogier van der Weyden in Context: Proceedings of Symposium XVII, Leuven, November 2009 (Underdrawing and Technology in Painting), ed. L. Campbell, J. Van der Stock, C. Reynolds, and L. Watteuw (Leuven 2012), pp. 312–317


‘Virgin as Queen of Heaven’ [Lower Rhenish]
Yao-Fen You
Catalogue entry in: Glanz und Größe des Mittelalters. Kölner Meisterwerke aus den großen Sammlungen der Welt, ed. D. Täube & M. Verena Fleck Munich, 2011


‘The Man of Sorrows’ and ‘The Mater Dolorosa’ [Albrecht Bouts];  ‘Last Judgment’ [Jan Provoost], ‘Two-Tiered Cabinet with Relief Decorations’ [French],  ‘Death with Left Hand Raised’ and ‘Death with Outstretched Right Hand’ [German]
Yao-Fen You
Catalogue entries in Harvard Art Museum Handbook, ed. S. Wolohojian
Cambridge, MA 2008


‘Antwerp Mannerism and the fabricating of fashion’
Yao-Fen You
Article in Jaarboek Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen, edited by Peter van den Brink and Maximiliaan P. J. Martens (dated 2004/05, published December 2006, pp. 141-57


ExtravagAnt! 1500-1530: een kwarteeuw Antwerpse schilderkunst herontdekt
Peter van den Brink and Maximiliaan P.J. Martens, with contributions by them as well as Dan Ewing, Till Borchert, Annick Born, Godehard Hoffmann, Micha Leeflang and Yao-Fen You.
Published on the occasion of an exhibition held in 2005 in Antwerp (Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten) and in 2005-06 in Maastricht (Bonnefantenmuseum)
Antwerp (Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten) 2005


‘Krautheimer and the marketplace: vernacular copies of Antwerp compound altarpieces in the Rhineland’
Yao-Fen You
Article in Visual Resources: An International Journal of Documentation XX, nos. 2-3 (March 2004), pp. 199-219


‘A recent Museum of Art acquisition: a Dutch river landscape’
Yao-Fen You
Article in Bulletin: Museums of Art and Archaeology, University of Michigan 13 (2000-01), pp. 103-05

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