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Speakers' Corner

The morning session on Tuesday 31 May in Gouda will feature a plenary Speakers’ Corner in which members will have the opportunity to give a short presentation.

CODART members will be given the congress floor for seven minutes, during which time they can put (research)questions to their fellow curators, appeal to them for advice or seek partners for projects. After each presentation there will be time for reactions from the audience. The day’s congress chair will keep an eye on the clock and lead the discussions. Presentations must have a sharp focus and end with (a) clear question(s).

Ideally, the presentations should tie in as much as possible with the theme of the congress, but this is not mandatory.

How to apply

Please fill in the online application form below before or on 30 March 2022. CODART’s program committee will evaluate the proposals and select the speakers, who will be given time on the podium. We kindly ask you to take the guidelines for the Speakers’ Corner (in PDF) into account.

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