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Friends of CODART Grant Program

The Friends of CODART Foundation offers all CODART members the opportunity to apply for a grant to register for the CODART 24 congress in Antwerp. If you cannot attend this year’s congress due to the financial circumstances of your museum, you are invited to apply for a grant that will cover the congress fee and/or part of your travel costs or costs for lodging. We are aware that the current circumstances cause financial difficulties for many museums and therefore encourage all CODART members who might need financial assistance to apply.

How to apply

To apply for a grant, check the box on the online registration form and enclose a motivation letter. This letter plays an important role in the selection committee’s deliberations. Please send the requested letter before 23 January 2023. Your motivation letter should include an explanation of why attending the CODART congress, and this congress in Antwerp in particular, is important for your professional activities. It should also state how much of the costs you or your museum would be able to cover. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at or

Depending on the decision of the selection committee, we will do our best to inform you by mid-February if your grant application has been approved. Please note that a maximum of two grants will be awarded to any one museum.