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Frescoes in Bielinski Palace at Otwock Wielki

These photos illustrate Hanna Benesz’s article Frescoes after Otto van Veen’s Quinti Horatii Flacci Emblemata in Bieliński Palace at Otwock Wielki in CODART Courant 21.

The Bieliński Palace at Otwock Wielki, section of the National Museum in Warsaw since 2004 (photo Anna Feliks)


Photos from the interior (click to enlarge):

Appeal for temperance

Serene acceptance of one’s destiny rewarded

Reminder of the inevitability of punishment

Warning against the uneasiness of spirit

Transitory human qualities

Need of acceptance of the old age and death

Warning against inactive virtue

Power of innocence


(All interior photos copyright Zbigniew Doliński, National Museum in Warsaw)