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10-11 September 2023: CODARTfocus Paris

On Sunday 10 and Monday 11 September, CODART travels to the Fondation Custodia in Paris for a CODARTfocus meeting. The event will be devoted to the exhibition Jacobus Vrel: Searching for Clues to an Enigmatic Artist as well as the permanent collection of the Fondation. More information and a detailed program will follow soon, for now please save the date!

Fall 2023: Public anniversary symposium in Amsterdam

In light of its 25th anniversary, CODART commissioned a research project that will explore the current state and the future of the curator’s profession. The results of the study will be presented during a public symposium at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in the fall of 2023. More information will be announced on

26-27 November 2023: CODARTfocus Antwerp

Following this year’s congress, CODART returns to Antwerp this year to study three exhibitions taking place there this fall: Bold Faces in the KMSKA, From Scribble to Cartoon: Drawings from Bruegel to Rubens in Flemish Collections at Museum Plantin-Moretus and Rare and Indispensable: 100 Masterpieces from Flemish Collections in the MAS. More information will follow. Please save the date!

16-18 June 2024: CODART 25 in Stockholm

The 25th CODART congres will take place in Stockholm. Our main host will be the Nationalmuseum, which underwent an extensive renovation of the 150-year-old building before it reopened in 2018. More information about the congress theme and a preliminary program will be published online this fall. We expect to open the registration in early 2024.

Previous CODART events

CODART has organized annual congresses, study trips and focus meetings for curators of Dutch and Flemish art since 1998. Programs, lists of participants, texts of lectures and reports on workshops, etc. have been put on this website for your convenience.

2023: CODARTfocus 

2023: CODART 24

2022: online CODARTfocus

2022: CODARTfocus

2022: CODART and HNA Joint Session

2022: CODART 23

2022: online CODARTfocus

2021: presentation of the Canon project

  • The Hague (4 November 2021)

2021: CODARTfocus

2021: Online Congress

2021: online CODARTfocus

2020: online CODARTfocus

2020: online CODARTfocus

2020: CODART Conversations

  • A series of recorded conversations between five CODART members from various countries discussing the current situation and the impact on their museums. The series currently has two episodes (June and October 2020). Watch the CODART Conversations here.

2020: Frans Hals Lecture

2020: Congress Online

2020: CODARTfocus

2019: Public Symposium – Creating a CODART Canon

2019: CODARTfocus

  • Delft (28 October 2019)

2019: CODART 22

2019: CODARTfocus

2018: CODARTfocus

2018: CODARTfocus

2018: CODARTfocus

2018: CODART 21

2018: CODARTfocus

2017: CODARTfocus


2016: CODARTfocus


2016: CODARTfocus

2015: Study Trip to the Midwest USA

  • Study Trip (11-17 October 2015, Detroit, Toledo, Oberlin, Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Chicago)

2015: CODARTfocus


2014: CODARTfocus




2013: CODARTfocus

2012: CODARTfocus


2011: CODARTfocus


  • CODART VEERTIEN documents & downloads (including texts, lists of participants, network documents)
  • Congress: Highlights and twilights: popular and neglected areas of Dutch and Flemish art in museums (20-22 March 2011, Enschede)
  • Read more

2010: CODARTfocus


  • Congress: Digitization: blessing or burden? (30 May-1 June 2010, Rotterdam)
  • Study trip (31 January-5 February, Southern California)
  • Read more

2009: CODART TWAALF: Dutch and Flemish art in Helsinki and St. Petersburg

  • Congress (15-17 March 2009, Aachen and Maastricht)
  • Study trip (21-25 September 2009, Helsinki and St. Petersburg)
  • Read more

2008: CODART ELF: Dutch and Flemish art in Italy

  • Congress (9-11 March 2008, Ghent)
  • Study trip (24-29 June 2008, Florence, Genoa and Turin)
  • Read more

2007: CODART study trip to New York

2007: CODART regional meeting in Vienna

2007: CODART TIEN: Dutch and Flemish art in France

  • Congress (11-13 March 2007, Paris)
  • Study trip (13-17 March 2007, Rouen, Caen, Amiens, Lille, Douai and Valenciennes)
  • Read more

2006: CODART NEGEN: Dutch and Flemish art in the eastern and northern provinces of the Netherlands

  • Congress (12-14 March 2006, Leiden)
  • Study trip (14-19 March 2006, Enschede, Groningen, Assen, Leeuwarden, Zwolle, Heino and Apeldoorn)
  • Video of Dutch television program “Museumgasten” featuring the CODART NEGEN study trip
  • Read more

2005: CODART ACHT: Dutch and Flemish art in Sweden

  • Congress (6-8 March 2005, Haarlem)
  • Study trip (21-26 September 2005, Stockholm, Drottningholm, Skokloster, Uppsala, Västerås and Strängnäs)
  • Read more

2004: CODART ZEVEN: Dutch and Flemish art in Poland

  • Congress (7-9 March 2004, Utrecht)
  • Study trip (18-25 April 2004, Gdańsk, Warsaw and Kraków)
  • Read more

2003: CODART ZES: Collecting Dutch and Flemish art in New England

  • Congress (16-18 March 2003, Amsterdam)
  • Study trip (29 October-3 November 2003, Boston, Cambridge and Worcester)
  • Read more

2002: Study trip to Scotland

2002: CODART VIJF: Early Netherlandish art and its dispersal

2001: CODART VIER: Dutch and Flemish art in Romania

  • Congress (11-13 March 2001, Maastricht and Cologne)
  • Study trip (13-18 March 2001, Bucharest, Sinaia, Braşov, Bran, Sibiu, Cozia)
  • Read more

2000: CODART DRIE: The Spanish Habsburgs and the Netherlands

  • Congress (20-21 March 2000, Antwerp)
  • Study trip (22-28 March 2000, Granada, Córdoba, Madrid, El Escorial, Segovia and Toledo)
  • Read more

1999: CODART TWEE: Dutch and Flemish art in Russia

  • Congress (15-16 March 1999, Amsterdam)
  • Study trip (17-24 March 1999, St. Petersburg and Moscow)
  • Symposium (11-12 September 1999, St. Petersburg)
  • Study trip to Moscow (2-6 March 2002)
  • Read more

1998: CODART EEN: The collections of Frederik Hendrik and Amalia van Solms and their dispersal

  • Congress (9-10 March 1998, The Hague)
  • Study trip Onder den Oranjeboom (11-15 November 1999, Berlin, Potsdam, Schloss Caputh, Schwerin, Dessau, Wörlitz and Mosigkau)
  •  Read more