The Reputation of Dutch and Flemish Art: Who Decides?

After careful consideration, CODART has decided that the CODART 23 Congress will be postponed to a later date due to the COVID-19 virus. The twenty-third Congress was to take place in Stockholm from 14 to 16 June.

The decision was made after carefully weighing all the facts and risks involved. Our deliberations led to the conclusion that it is not possible to bring together 140 curators from twenty countries at the present time. We are currently engaged in talks with our partners in Stockholm to set a new date.

You can find the full statement regarding the postponement of CODART 23 in our news item. Please find below the information we originally published on the CODART 23 congress in Stockholm.

In partnership with the Nationalmuseum, we are organizing three days in which we will take a close look at the permanent collections of Dutch and Flemish art of all the museums we will visit and reflect on the theme. The theme of CODART 23 is “The Reputation of Dutch and Flemish Art: Who Decides?” Reputations come and go, also those of Dutch and Flemish artists: each era has its own favorites and preferences. The creation of the CODART Canon will serve as a starting point for discussing the influence that issues like nationalism, research, exhibitions and a current interest in matters such as diversity and inclusivity have (had) on the reputation and appreciation of artists from the past. What do these reputations mean for the everyday practice of the curator? How does the canon influence the curator’s profession?  You can continue reading the congress theme on this page.

After five years of moving, renovation and reconstruction, Stockholm’s Nationalmuseum reopened its doors in October 2018 – a great occasion for organizing the upcoming congress in cooperation with the museum and to show our members the wealth of Dutch and Flemish art in Stockholm. The Nationalmuseum’s collection of sixteenth and seventeenth-century Netherlandish, Dutch and Flemish paintings numbers around 880 items. Added to this is a renowned graphics collection that includes some 1,000 Netherlandish, Dutch and Flemish drawings.

On Tuesday we will be the guests of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where we are holding the Speakers’ Corner part of the congress. A Call for Contributions for this part of the program will be sent out soon.

On Monday afternoon and on Tuesday afternoon we will organize study visits to various institutions and collections in Stockholm such as the Nationalmuseum, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the Vasa Museum, and many more. Optional visits will be offered on Sunday and Wednesday, among others to Drottningholm Palace with the Adriaen de Vries Museum and to Skokloster Castle.

An optional full-day excursion to Skokloster Castle will be offered on Wednesday. This day includes an exclusive, in-depth tour through the entire castle exploring the paintings and uniquely preserved interiors that are on display. In the afternoon there will be an opportunity to study and discuss a particular selection of Dutch and Flemish paintings from the collection.

In addition to these and other items on the program, there will naturally be plenty of time and space for networking and for discussion of the congress theme. Please find the program here. We look forward to welcoming you in Stockholm!