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The Reputation of Dutch and Flemish Art: Who Decides?

On Monday 31 May CODART organizes an online congress for its members (15:00-17:45 CEST). The theme of the online congress is “The Reputation of Dutch and Flemish Art: Who Decides?” Originally the theme for the congress in Stockholm, we have decided to discuss the subject during this year’s online congress. The theme ties in closely to the publication of the CODART Canon in book form and the presentation of the renewed and expanded Canon website in May 2021.

Reputations come and go, also those of Dutch and Flemish artists: each era has its own favorites and preferences. The CODART Canon will serve as a starting point for discussing the influence that issues like nationalism, research, exhibitions and a current interest in matters such as diversity and inclusion have (had) on the reputation and appreciation of artists from the past. What do these reputations mean for the everyday practice of the curator? How does the canon influence the curator’s profession?  You can find the full description of the congress theme on this page.


The theme will be discussed in four short lectures, after which there is time for questions and participants are invited to share their thoughts and ideas. We are pleased to announce that Johannes Grave (Friedrich Schiller University Jena), Lea van der Vinde (Mauritshuis, The Hague), Karin Haanappel (independent art historian), and Adam Eaker (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) will explore the congress theme further in their lectures.

More information on the speakers, the program and registration will follow soon.