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On Monday 11 March, CODART partnered with the Rijksmuseum to organize a CODARTfocus meeting dedicated to the monographic exhibition Frans Hals. The Haarlem painter is regarded as one of the most innovative artists of the seventeenth century as can be seen in the almost 50 paintings that are on view. Exclusive to the Rijksmuseum exhibition will be the inclusion of paintings such as the Banquet of the Officers of the St George Civic Guard from 1616 and Regentesses of the Old Men’s Alms House (Frans Hals Museum), the Portraits of Lucas de Clerq and Feyntje van Steenkiste (Rijksmuseum) and the Laughing Boy (Mauritshuis). For more information about the exhibition Frans Hals, please see the exhibition page.

Besides an exclusive visit to the exhibition (after opening hours), the CODARTfocus included three lectures by Friso Lammertse and Tamar van Riessen, who curated the exhibition in Amsterdam, Bart Cornelis, curator of the exhibition at the National Gallery in London and Katja Kleinert who, together with Erik Eising, is responsible for the upcoming Berlin venue of the exhibition.

CODART thanks the Rijksmuseum for its generous support in organizing this CODARTfocus.