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Paintings by Monogrammist I.S. Sought for Exhibition

Serlachius Museums in Mänttä and Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden are looking for information about several paintings attributed to the Monogrammist I.S.

The two museums are collaborating on an exhibition about the work of this enigmatic artist, who was active between 1632 and 1658. Little is known about his or her identity, except that they seem to have worked in Leiden and traveled through Scandinavia and/or Eastern Europe. The exhibition is scheduled from 12 April until 17 Augustus 2025 in Mänttä and from 10 October 2025 until 8 March 2026 in Leiden.

Any information regarding the current whereabouts of the pictures listed below can be sent to curators Tomi Moisio ( and Janneke van Asperen (

Portrait of a Man, possibly a Self-Portrait, dated 1638, oil on panel, 47,5 x 37,5 cm, formerly at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Portrait of a Man, possibly a Self-Portrait, monogrammed and dated 1642.

Portrait of a Man, possibly a Self-Portrait, with Vanitas Still Life, oil on panel, 34,5 x 30,5 cm, formerly attributed to Gerard ter Borch.

Portrait of a Man, dated 1651, oil on canvas, 63,5 x 52,1 cm, formerly with Sotheby’s London, 26-04-2001, lot 48.

Young Scholar Half-Naked, dated 1638, oil on panel.

Portrait of a Man with a Still Life, monogrammed and dated 1652, oil on canvas, 54 x 46 cm.

A Clergyman in a High Room, oil on panel, 35,5 x 28 cm, formerly in Kisa, Sweden.

Old Man with a Letter, possibly monogrammed, oil on panel, 35 x 28 cm.