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Morgan Drawing Institute Predoctoral Fellowship

Morgan Library & Museum

New York, USA
End of year

The Morgan Drawing Institute awards one nine-month Predoctoral Research Fellowship to an advanced-level graduate student who has completed all course work and exams. The student should be currently engaged in carrying out research leading to the completion of a doctoral dissertation in the history of art, a significant component of which pertains to the history, theory, collecting, function, or interpretation of drawings.

A stipend and travel funding is provided. Fellows are responsible for finding their own housing, but will receive a one-time payment of $1500 that may be used for relocation expenses.


The Predoctoral Research Fellow is expected to spend their fellowship period in residence at the Morgan Library & Museum. The majority of the Fellow’s time will be spent on the dissertation and related research projects, but the Fellow is expected to participate fully in the intellectual life of the Morgan and to attend Drawing Institute programs during their tenure. The Fellow may be asked to assist in the planning and implementation of Drawing Institute programs.


Typically, a winter deadline for a start date in September. Successful applicants will be notified around March.