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Bob Haboldt: CODARTs first “Patron for Life”

Recently, art dealer Bob Haboldt decided to support CODART as a “Patron for Life”. Since 2013, Patrons of CODART can support us as a “Patron for Life” with a once-only gift of 10.000 euros. Our life-long Patrons enjoy all the benefits that CODART offers to Patrons.

Bob Haboldt studied art history at Lewis & Clark College (Portland) in the United States and had a long career in the art trade before establishing his own business with branches in New York, Paris and Amsterdam. This year he celebrates his 30th anniversary as an art dealer, an occasion marked by the publication of Singular Vision. Haboldt & Co.’s Old Master Paintings and Drawings since 1983. Various members of CODART collaborated on this volume. Since 2013, Haboldt is a member of the Board of the Friends of CODART Foundation.

It is not only the financial assistance from our Patrons that is important to us, but also the knowledge that CODART is widely valued. We thank Bob Haboldt for his generous gesture and for his trust in our network.

Inspired to become a Patron for Life, too? Please do not hesitate to check our Friends’ web page for more information or contact our director directly.

Inspired as a CODART-member? Please do not hesitate to contact our director if you have benefactors in your network who might be interested in supporting CODART.