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Changes to CODART staff: Maartje Beekman will work as a project associate until 31 August, and Marga Schokker as an intern until 30 June

In the coming months, and at our congress in Rotterdam, you might come across two new faces from the CODART bureau. While our project manager Jennifer Cardona is on leave, Maartje Beekman will replace her temporarily in organizing the congress and the upcoming edition of the CODART Courant. In the months leading up to and during the congress the bureau will be supported by our new intern Marga Schokker.

Maartje Beekman finished her master’s degree in art history in 2008 at Leiden University on the topic of Rubens’ painting The Prodigal Son. During an internship at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp she conducted iconographical research on this painting for an exhibition as part of the project Rubens doorgelicht. She is looking forward to working at CODART and to a future and interesting career in the art historical world.

As of 1 February Marga Schokker has started work as an intern at CODART. She will assist the team for the next five months. Marga has finished professional education for history teachers with a minor in art history. Currently she is studying art history at the University of Utrecht under the master program, Art until 1850. After finishing the internship at CODART she will focus on her master thesis on comic genre pieces in  Dutch and Flemish art. Marga will be assisting in organizing the CODART DERTIEN congress in Rotterdam.