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CODART Courant 16 Published

CODART Courant 16 (Summer 2008) was mailed to subscribers in July 2008. The pdf version is available freely to all those interested.


CODART Courant 16
Summer 2008
    Included in this issue:
Courant 15
  • Gerdien Verschoor, No Cookies
  • Lawrence W. Nichols, Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? CODART after ten years
  • Eric Domela Nieuwenhuis and Ewoud Mijnlieff interviewed by Gerdien Verschoor, In someone else’s shoes: curatorial mobility in practice
  • Rinkse Jurgens and Remmelt Daalder interviewed by Marina Fidder, Amsterdam expertise and Rotterdam flair: A unique collaboration between two maritime museums
  • Daniel Christiaens, The Maagdenhuismuseum, Antwerp
  • Catalina Macovei, Flemish artists working in Italy: Drawings from the library of the Romanian Academy
  • Rhea Sylvia Blok, A new edition of Frits Lugt’s Les marques de collections de dessins & d’estampes
  • Alice C. Taatgen, Becoming a real curator: CODART’s role in promoting promising young curators
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