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CODART Launches CODARTcareers: Online Section Dedicated to Career Development

CODART is pleased to announce the launch of CODARTcareers, a new section of our website that is entirely dedicated to career development for curators. Careers consists of two parts: a section with current job openings for curators, and a section focused on recurring career development opportunities for curators.

Vacancies and other opportunities

The Job Opportunities page is actively maintained to provide an overview of current vacancies for (aspiring) museum curators working in the field of Dutch and Flemish art. In addition to curatorial vacancies, the list may also include executive and collection management positions, as well as select academic positions, summer courses and openings in temporary research projects, provided they are of significant importance to the field of Dutch and Flemish art in public collections.

Starting today, job postings will no longer appear in the News section of our website, but will only be posted on the Job Opportunities page. However, we may still occasionally notify you through our News section or social media when the page is significantly updated.

Fellowships and other opportunities

Fellowships and internships are valuable opportunities for aspiring curators to gain hands-on museum experience and expand their knowledge as well as their professional network. However, information about available programs is scattered across websites and it is often hard to find when applications are closed.

The Career Development Opportunities page assists students and museum professionals by providing a guide to curatorial museum fellowships related to Dutch and Flemish art. The resource provides a continuously updated overview of recurring fellowships for pre- and postdoctoral students, (under)graduates, as well as internships and other related research opportunities in institutions worldwide.


Submissions for each of the sections are welcome and can be easily submitted via the buttons on the respective pages.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email