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CODART Memories: CODART ZESTIEN Congress Vienna (2013)

From 21 to 23 April 2013 the CODART ZESTIEN Congress took place at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. One of the optional excursions on Tuesday was a visit to the Princely Collections of Liechtenstein with Prof. Dr. Reinhold Baumstark, Alexandra Hanzl, Dr. Johann Kräftner and Robert Wald. A group of 35 CODART members attended the excursion that focused on the Decius Mus Cycle by Rubens. An eight-part cycle of paintings on the victory and death of the Roman consul Decius Mus that has been a centerpiece of the Princely Collections since its acquisition in 1693. However, the collection holds many other masterpieces by the Flemish artist, including Ganymede receives the bowl from Hebe, seen on the left of the photo.

For more information, see the full program of this CODART ZESTIEN Congress.

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