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Curators’ Specializations Now Available on the CODART Website

From now on it is possible to find curators on the CODART website according to their specialization and areas of interest.

This new addition to the CODART website meets a popular demand. On a regular basis, we receive questions about where to find a particular specialist – for example, someone who specializes in seventeenth century portraits, Brussels tapestries, or a particular artist. A survey of our members also indicated the need for this functionality.

With this expansion, CODART aims to provide curators with another useful tool to support them in their work and help them connect with colleagues. Other visitors to the website may find this feature interesting as well. Simultaneously, the specializations provide a better understanding of the diversity among curators and the wide range of their research in Dutch and Flemish art.

The new filter can be used to find curators based on their specializations.

In the curators overview, you will find a new filter that allows you to select from various topics in terms of geographical regions, periods, media, themes and artists. Please note that only topics related to Dutch and Flemish art from about 1350 to 1750 are included. For example, if one selects the region of Spain, curators specializing in northern artists who were active in Spain will be presented, not curators specializing in Spanish artists.

Point to the crosshairs at the bottom right of a listed curator to see their topics. Continue to their page for a full description.

The topics in the filter will be subject to refinement and expansion in the future as curators continue to send in their areas of specialization.

On the personal pages of curators, space has been created to explain in more detail the areas in which they specialize. Here curators can also list their specializations that are outside the domain of CODART and therefore not included in the filter.

A number of CODART members have already submitted their areas of specialization. We encourage those who have not yet done so to send a short text with their areas of interests to Comments and suggestions are welcome as well.