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George Abrams Offers CODART Generous Anniversary Gift

George Abrams, private collector from Boston and one of CODART’s first Patrons, followed the example of Patrons Rob Vellekoop and Bob Haboldt and decided to make an extra donation of $20,000 to CODART. In doing so, he honored our request for donations to support CODART and to celebrate CODART’s twentieth anniversary. We are happy and proud that we can announce the generous support of George as one of our Patrons for Life. On behalf of all CODART members we thank George for his generosity and for his trust in our network.

In 2012 we interviewed George Abrams for the CODART eZine, click here to read the article and see some of the highlights of his collection.

George Abrams in 2017 when he was appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau for his significant contribution to the study and international promotion of Dutch art, particularly Dutch Old Master drawings.

Friends of CODART

The Friends of CODART Foundation makes an essential contribution to the existence of the CODART network and to its activities. The Friends help CODART to improve the visibility and accessibility of the Dutch and Flemish Old Masters for the benefit of an international public.

To underscore their appreciation of CODART’s work, Bob Haboldt and Rob Vellekoop, two of the first Patrons for Life, made additional donations of €5,000 this year. This means that they have now raised their total contribution to the sums donated to CODART by the current Patrons for Life (€15,000). We would like to draw your attention to the possibility of likewise making an extra donation to CODART, a gift that would be particularly appreciated in this festive jubilee year. Your donation is tax-deductible. For more information, please visit the Friends website.

Join the Friends

Your gift would provide a marvelous boost to the organization as it celebrates this landmark, and would also help to encourage others who support CODART or who are intending to do so. We therefore very much hope that you will respond positively to our request and join the Friends of CODART.