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Online Publication Annual Reports 2022

The annual reports of CODART and the Friends of CODART Foundation have been published on the CODART website.

You can see from these reports that things are going well for CODART. Although museums were still closed at the beginning of 2022 because of the COVID crisis, we were finally able to organize another congress for members in May. The congress set the tone – and since then, all activities have resumed and are in full swing. This has elicited many appreciative responses from the membership of CODART, an international group of some 600 curators, which welcomes more members every month. The positive reception of all our activities, online and offline, is also reflected in the number of visitors to the website and the growth in the number of Institutional members, which – with twelve new museums joining in 2022 – has risen to a total of nearly fifty museums. CODART is growing and thriving as never before and faces the future with confidence.

Please find the annual report for CODART here and that of the Friends of CODART Foundation here. Please note that these reports are only available in Dutch. Feel free to write to us if you have any questions. You can contact us at