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Leiden University Announces Online Museum Talks by Curators and Researchers

In the Fall of 2020 the Leiden Museum Talks will take place, a collaboration between the Leiden Department of Art History and the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS). International researchers and curators will elaborate on much-discussed exhibitions and current museological and art historical questions. Everyone can sign up to attend the lectures online. The following selection of lectures may be of particular interest to CODART members.

  • Alexander Dencher: The Future of Furniture – Curating furniture at the Rijksmuseum (1 October)
  • Maximiliaan Martens: The Making of “Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution” at the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (14 October)
  • Marisa Anne Bass: Rembrandt in the Shadows (2 November)
  • Sander Paarlberg: The Making of the Exhibition ‘In the Light of Cuyp: Aelbert Cuyp & Gainsborough – Constable – Turner’ (26 November)

To see the complete program and to sign up, go to