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Rembrandt Symposium in Copenhagen on 15 May

Following the closing of the exhibition Rembrandt? Mesteren og hans værksted (Rembrandt? The master and his workshop), the Statens Museum is holding a symposium for an invited group of scholars. CODART members can have themselves invited by contacting the organizers.

Museum information

Rembrandt in Copenhagen
Symposium 15 May 2006

Statens Museum for Kunst
Sølvgade 48-50
1307 København K

The 400th anniversary of Rembrandt’s birth in 2006 provides an occasion for museums worldwide to celebrate the star of The Dutch Golden Age. At Statens Museum for Kunst we celebrate the genius with the exhibition ‘Rembrandt? The Master and his workshop’ February 3 – May 14. The symposium will take place in conjunction with the end of the exhibition benefiting from the fact that conservators and art historians from the lending museums all over the world come to Copenhagen to pack their paintings. The speakers take this opportunity to present ‘work in progress’ to colleagues rarely gathered in one place. The papers cover a large range of topics related to Rembrandt and his circle. The theoretical or methodological outset varies from technical art history to matters of style and contextual approaches.
Organizers: Senior curator Eva de la Fuente Pedersen and Head of Conservation Jørgen Wadum
Martina Sitt. Director, Galerie Alte Meister, Hamburger Kunsthalle
Pieter Lastman and Rembrandt – From the Calm Rhetoric of Body Language to a Density of Emotion
Melanie Gifford. Conservator, National Gallery, Washington D.C.
Rembrandt’s Landscapes. Aspects of Technique
Bjørn Fredlund, Ph.D.
The Knight with the Falcon in the Göteborg Museum of Art: Aspects of Identity and Interpretation
Petria Noble. Head of Paintings Conservation, Mauritshuis, Den Haag
Rediscovering the Original Format of Rembrandt’s ‘Homer’
Eva de la Fuente Pedersen. Senior curator, European paintings 1300-1800, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
Rembrandt’s Deadcolour. Function and Meaning
David Burmeister. Ph.D. Student, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
‘…the most important portrait painter’. Rembrandt’s Early Portraits and Their Buyers