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Second Nord/Sud Conference: Call for Papers


Padua, 25-26 October 2007

A message from the organizers

Dear Colleagues:
Following the success of the analogous meeting that took place in Genoa in October 2005, the Universities of Padua, Genoa and Milan are organizing the second international conference NORD/SUD, devoted to the relationship between Flemish painting and that of the territories south of the Alps. The three universities are involved in the investigation of underdrawings in the Flemish paintings in Lombardy. This research is financed by the Italian Office for Research. The conference will take place at Padua University, October 25-26, 2007.

Conference languages will be English, French, or Italian.

At the end of the conference the publication of the Proceedings of NORD/SUD 2005 will be presented. 

Those interested in presenting a paper (preferably of technological character) are asked to send the title of the paper and a brief abstract of 10 lines before May 15, 2007.

Hospitality will be offered to the speakers for the duration of the conference (October 25-26, 2007).

Facilitations will be furnished for lodging and possibly meals to the other participants, if enrolled in reasonable advance of the conference.

Registration fee is 50 euros (20 euros for students). 

For registration and further questions, please write to


The conference committee, Caterina Limentani Virdis, Maria Clelia Galassi and Duilio Bertani, has the honour of inviting you to chair one of the sessions. We will be thankful for your positive response. Chair persons will have their travel expenses refunded and will be offered complete hospitality during the conference.