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51st Annual Conference of the International Visual Literacy Association

Research Conference: 16 October - 19 October 2019

Hosted by M and KU Leuven

We live in an era of images. We make images, share them, consume them, use them, are influenced and even aestheticized by them, more and faster than ever before. But what is the next step? How do institutions such as museums and schools prepare for an image saturated future?

Driven by our increasingly visual society, there has been an explosion of research on the visual in different research areas such as psychology, sociology and art theory, numerous innovative practices in the fields of museums, education and marketing and a growing amount of methodologies measuring the impact of the visual. This 51st IVLA conference, hosted by M, brings together these different perspectives, joining scholars, students, and practitioners from all over the world in an interesting exchange of ideas, aiming to provide new theoretical insights and fuel innovative practices.

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