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600 Years of Anselm Adornes

Exhibition: 13 April 2024 - 4 January 2025

In this exhibition, the Adornes Estate draws attention to one of the most remarkable aspects of Anselm Adornes’ existence: his travelsHe undertook these journeys for diplomatic or religious reasons but also for his pleasure. They shaped his personality and his prestigious reputation.

Throughout the exhibition, the visitor follows a route that takes Anselm to Scotland, Italy and Poland, as well as to the Sultanate of Tunis, Alexandria and, of course, Sinai and Jerusalem. There he discovers the dilemmas that can arise, the often grueling travel conditions and the crucial importance of choosing the right travel companions.

The answers may have changed, but the traveler’s questions have largely remained the same. The exhibition reminds us that travel is an opportunity, sometimes a danger, but always a source of personal enrichment and a lesson in tolerance.

A number of exceptional objects will be on display, some for the first time in decades: drawings and portraits of Anselm Adornes and his wife Margareta van der Banck, the extraordinary reliquary of the Resurrection and a safe-conduct from Charles the Bold are just a few examples.