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A Dutch 17th-century etcher: Anthonie Waterloo

Exhibition: 9 July - 30 November 2003


Dana Bercea

Painter, draughtsman and etcher, Anthonie Waterloo (Lille, ca. 1610 – Utrecht, 1690) is best known as a prodigious author of prints. A genuine autodidact, he worked in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Leeuwarden. His drawings testify to his extensive journeys to the Southern Netherlands, Italy and Germany. Confined exclusively to landscapes, his etchings were widely collected, reprinted and imitated.

The National Museum of Art of Romania has fifty-one etchings by Waterloo, all of which come from the collection of Dr Ioan Cantacuzino (1863 – 1934). Some of them carry the marks of connoisseurs and art dealers. Bequeathed to the Toma Stelian Museum, Cantacuzino’s comprehensive selection of prints is at the core of the Prints and Drawings Department of the Museum established in 1948. The thirty works currently on display include fine early impressions. The exhibition provides ample opportunity for an in-depth examination of these rare pieces in relation to some late states.