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A la c’Arte: de kunst van het eten – eten in de kunst

A la c'Arte: the art of food – food in art Exhibition: 18 September 2010 - 2 January 2011

From the museum website, 14 September 2010

A steaming dish of venison, roasted hare and dove. Further along, turnips, shining rolmops and juicy cherries. Well dressed persons gather around a table, knowing that at any moment they may begin. Images from a cooking programme? No, an impression of the art in the new exhibition at the Noordbrabants Museum. From September until January it’s all about food. It’s enough to make your mouth water!

Warning: a visit to A la c’Arte can lead to uncontrollable appetite and exciting experiments in the kitchen!

Food in art

The exhibition A la c’Arte serves a tasty mixture of food in art. With bacchanalias, game pieces, still lifes, Biblical meals, and family portraits – from artists such as Frans Francken, Frans Snijders and David Teniers, Henk Helmantel and Margriet Smulders. A presentation of old and modern art, mixed together and accentuated with artist-decorated crockery. At other locations in the museum the visitor will also find presentations of historic glass and china.

The art of food

A la c’Arte is a culinary exploration for all. Contemporary and playful and divided into three themes. The theme ‘ingredients’ is enriched by four Michelin Star chefs from Brabant; Cas Spijkers, Gerrit Greveling (Chalet Royal, ’s-Hertogenbosch), Joost Verhoeven (Cordial, Oss) and John Kocken (De Heer Kocken, Vught). In word and image they present how they have created, inspired by the works of art, a fabulous four course menu. The paintings in the theme ‘meals’ are reviewed by culinary critic Jeroen Thijssen and for ‘Symbolism’ the hidden meanings of food in art are revealed to the visitor by the art historians of the museum.

Special publication

Accompanying the exhibition is a special publication containing photos of the works of art, the recipes of the star chefs and the reviews of the food critic. Language: Dutch.