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Aelbert Cuyp

Exhibition: 13 February - 12 May 2002

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Aelbert Cuyp (1620-1691) was one of the most important Dutch landscape painters and draughtsmen of the 17th century. While renowned for his views of the countryside, Cuyp also painted majestic panoramas of the rivers around his hometown of Dordrecht, as well as portraits and scenes of biblical and historical themes. His drawings range from intimate studies of people, animals and plants, to grand views of his native land.

The exhibition surveyed Cuyp’s career between 1640 and 1665, from his early views of Dutch landscapes to the mature works that were inspired by painters who had been to Italy. Cuyp’s extraordinary ability to capture atmospheric conditions, the warmth of the sun or a chilly, brisk wind, also distinguishes his art from that of his contemporaries. His paintings were highly valued and enthusiastically collected in Britain during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The show comprised some 45 paintings and 20 bold and expressive drawings by Cuyp. The selection concentrated on the finest examples of his work, which had been brought together from collections in North America, Britain, the Netherlands and Germany.


Aelbert Cuyp
Arthur K. Wheelock Jr.
Catalogue of an exhibition held in 2001-02 in Washington (National Gallery of Art) and in 2002 in London (National Gallery) and Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum)
320 pp., 29 x 24 cm.
Washington (National Gallery of Art) and New York (Thames & Hudson) 2001
ISBN 0-500-51057-1 (hardbound)
ISBN 0-89468-286-5 (paperbound)


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