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All Miracles

28 February - 23 August 2020

All Miracles

Exhibition: 28 February - 23 August 2020

Museum Catharijneconvent presents a surprising exhibition focusing on miracles from 28 February through 23 August 2020. Miracles are of all times, all cultures and all religions and have played a role in everyday life since the beginning of mankind. Artists, too, have been inspired by them for centuries. Representing what takes place between heaven and earth requires their utmost imagination. That challenge has produced the most exciting and moving art. From Rembrandt to Mondrian to Abramović, for this exhibition the museum has brought together the most beautiful and surprising works from national and international collections.

Carel Fabritius (1622-1654), The Raising of Lazarus, ca. 1643
Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie, Warsaw

The works of art not only enter into dialogue with each other, but also with sensational miracle stories from different cultures, impressive cultural-historical objects and inexplicable eyewitness accounts. Scientists also have their say and give their views on the phenomenon. Results of a nationwide survey show how we view miracles today. The resulting new context invites us to reflect on the phenomenon of miracles.

The theme is comprehensive, with various perspectives and proponents and opponents. Therefore, the museum has chosen to take human life as its starting point. The visitor travels along the turning points in a person’s life and the miracles that play a role in it and experiences what this elusive phenomenon means.