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Alle schilderijen van Rembrandt in het Rijksmuseum

All the Rembrandt paintings from the Rijksmuseum collection Exhibition: 26 January - 19 February 2006

From the museum website

The Rijksmuseum holds one of the largest collections of Rembrandt’s paintings in the world. The Jewish Bride, The Syndics of the Amsterdam Drapers’ Guild, the Self-portrait of Rembrandt as a Young Man and, of course, The Night Watch, are among his most famous works. But have you also seen his wonderful self-portrait as the apostle Paul, the portrait of his son Titus dressed as a monk or the impressive still life with peacocks? It is a rare occurrence for the entire collection of Rembrandt paintings to be exhibited all together. And now they can be seen for almost a month in the Philips Wing at the Rijksmuseum!

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Forms part of multi-exhibition program Rembrandt 400 in the Rijksmuseum