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Alle tekeningen van Rembrandt in het Rijksmuseum, deel 1: de verteller

All the Rembrandt drawings in the Rijksmuseum, part 1: the storyteller Exhibition: 11 August - 11 October 2006

From the museum website

The Rijksmuseum is presenting all 60 of Rembrandt’s drawings, which the museum counts among its riches, in two instalments. In part one Rembrandt can be seen as a self-willed storyteller of bible stories in particular. His originality is not only expressed in the choice of story, but also in the unrivalled psychological insight with which he explores the emotions of his main figures. Rembrandt: The Storyteller offers an intimate opportunity for getting to know Rembrandt as one of the greatest draughtsmen of all time. In the Philips Wing of the Rijksmuseum.

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Forms part of multi-exhibition program Rembrandt 400 in the Rijksmuseum