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Art Nouveau & Art Deco in Nederland

Exhibition: 28 June - 2 November 2003

From the museum website

This exhibition uses a vast array of items by a hundred different artist-designers to convey the incredible versatility of Dutch design in the period between 1880 and 1940. The chosen artists include, of course, many well-known names, some of whose products enjoy international as well as national fame. Examples include the interior designs of H.P. Berlage, the colourful ceramics of T.A.C. Colenbrander, the eggshell porcelain of the Rozenburg pottery, the transparent glasswork of A.D. Copier and the constructional furniture of Gerrit Rietveld. In addition, however, the exhibition deliberately casts light on many less well-known artists and even a number of virtually unknown figures. This makes it the first to do justice to the enormous diversity of the period. Each designer is represented by several items, invariably selected to reveal unexpected aspects of his or her oeuvre.


Titus Maria Eliëns, Het Art Nouveau Art Deco boek: Nieuwe Kunst, Amsterdamse School, Haagse School en Het Nieuwe Wonen, Zwolle (Waanders) 2003.
ISBN 90-400-8827-6 (hardbound).