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Art on Demand: Objects, Knowledge and Ideas from the Low Countries in Sweden, 1500-1750

Symposium: 16 May 2024

On Thursday 16 May, the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History will host a symposium to mark the launch of the richly annotated and illustrated digital English version of Horst Gerson’s chapter on Sweden from his Ausbreitung und Nachwirkung der holländischen Malerei des 17. Jahrhunderts of 1942 (Dispersal and Legacy of Dutch Painting of the 17th Century). Before 1942, the study of Netherlandish art and artists in Sweden was largely uncharted territory. In recent years, research into the contribution of Dutch and Flemish art and architecture to Swedish culture has intensified, but so far no new ‘History of …’ has been written. The launch of the annotated and translated version of Gerson’s text provides a perfect opportunity to rethink, discuss and contextualize his original findings with current knowledge.

At the Art on Demand symposium, specialists from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands will present a range of papers highlighting different aspects of cultural exchange in art history: traveling architects, (court) painters, engravers, sculptors and tapestry weavers, exchanges in print culture, the export of art and, finally, aspects of collecting history, including looted art and diplomatic gifts.

Program committee / moderators

  • Alex Alsemgeest (Curator of Library Collections, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)
  • Quentin Buvelot (Senior Curator, Mauritshuis, The Hague)
  • Rieke van Leeuwen (Senior Curator, RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History)
  • Martin Olin (Director of Research, Associate Professor, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm)
  • Juliette Roding (Associated Researcher, RKD)


  • Alex Alsemgeest (Curator of Library Collections, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)
  • Rudy Jos Beerens (Curator, RKD, The Hague)
  • Sarah Benson (Textile Conservator, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm)
  • Marius van Dam (Independent Art Historian)
  • Elisabeth Knall (Independent Art Historian)
  • Charlotta Krispinsson (Lecturer in Art History, Umeå University, Sweden)
  • Rieke van Leeuwen (Senior Curator, RKD, The Hague)
  • Juliette Roding (Associated Researcher, Leiden University / RKD)
  • Kristoffer Schmidt (Curator, The Royal Danish Collection, Copenhagen)
  • Peter Sjökvist (Rare Books Librarian, Uppsala University Library)
  • Clara Strömberg (PhD-candidate, Stockholm University)
  • Greger Sundin (Curator, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm)
  • Anders Svensson (Assistant Curator, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm)

General information

  • Thursday 16 May 2024, 10:00 – 17:30, registration at 9:30 – 10:00
  • Location: RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History, Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5, The Hague
  • Tickets and information are available the RKD webshop