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Artistic exchanges between the Netherlands and Italy

Research Conference: 8 April - 10 April 2010

In 2010 the Renaissance Society of America organizes their annual meeting in Venice. Sessions will be held on artistic exchanges between the Netherlands and Italy.

From the call for papers, 9 april 2009

Cultural historians have explored the lively interaction between the Netherlands and Italy, but much remains to be discovered about specific links and their significance. We are seeking papers for a session or series of sessions on relations between Dutch and Flemish artists, patrons, dealers, agents, critics and their Italian counterparts in the period ca. 1450-1700. Topics may include social interaction and its impact on the arts, the marketing of Northern art in Italy, the impact of Northern prints and other prototypes on Italian art and artists, the connoisseurship and collecting of Northern art by Italians, and/or vice versa to all of the above.