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Artistic Relations between Antwerp and Genoa, 1550-1650

Symposium: 20 September 2019

Antwerp and Genoa share a similar history as important trade centers in the early modern period. The Rubenianum is pleased to announce a symposium on September 20th about the artistic connections between Antwerp and Genoa in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.

A select number of specialists will present papers on the many connections between the harbor cities, including an active art trade, Genoese patronage of Flemish artists in both Genoa and Antwerp, and cross-pollination between Flemish and Genoese artists, of which the Genoese sojourns of Rubens and Van Dyck are without doubt the best-known examples.

The first session is chaired by Christopher Brown and consists of lectures by Maria Clelia Galassi, Anna Orlando, Giorgio Tosco, Ivo Raband, and Rieke van Leeuwen. The second session is chaired by Francesca Cappelletti and includes lectures by Piero Boccardo and Timothy J. Standring. The keynote lecture will be presented by Bert Meijer.

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