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Baroque without the shrouds: new look at sculpture in Brussels and Belgium

Exhibition: 8 June - 25 September 2011

From the City of Brussels website, 20 July 2011

The magnificence of Baroque painting may get all the attention, but Baroque sculpture has scarcely been honoured in Belgium for many years. And yet, this heritage is within easy access and still revealing its magnificence. That’s the main purpose of this exhibition, which will be the starting point of a tour in central Brussels. In fact, our country has had some very great sculptors and we will be (re)discovering them by some original works, but also through terra cottas, drawings, sketches gradually announcing its climax, being the recently restored sumptuous Tours et Taxis chapel in Notre-Dame du Sablon church,
exceptionally open during the exhibition. A number of works by major artists will be shown for the first time: Faydherbe, Verbrugghen, Bergé and Kerricx, to name just a few!


Le baroque dévoilé/Barok onthuld
Edited by Françis Carrette, Alain Jacobs and Denis Coekelberghs
23 x 28 cm., 192 pp.
Racine (Brussels) 2011
ISBN: 9782873867416