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Bauern, Bäder und Bordelle: die Genese der Genremalerei bis 1550

Boors, bagnios and brothels: mapping the birth of genre painting before 1550 Symposium: 4 October - 6 October 2012

Art historical and cultural historical research discussed the category of genre painting intensively for years, especially the visualization of genre scenes of the so-called Dutch Golden Age, of French 18th or English 19th century art. But long before a classification of genre painting as a ‘genre’ in its own right was established, there already existed an awareness of the minores picturae. The international conference in Trier focuses on the origin as well as the different dynamics and spaces of knowledge of Genre paintings in the early 16th century, including the traditions and dynamics inherent in the genre scenes from the Late Middle Ages onwards.

The participation of the conference is free to the public.
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