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“Biblia Natalis” illustrated by the Wierix brothers

Exhibition: 24 January - 8 February 2008


Eugen Costache

Museum information

The exhibition includes most of the plates of Evangelicae and Adnotationes from the engravings which illustrate the Biblia Natalis through the vision of the Wierix brothers: Jan (1549-1618), Hieronymus (1553-1619) and Antoine II (1555/9-1604). The engravings were made after drawings by Bernardo Passari and Maarten de Vos.

The Prints and Drawings Department owns loose leaves of the plates, made between 1596 and 1607 for the Plantin and Moretus publishing house. These prints, precious study material for historians and attractive for art lovers, are being shown to the Bucharest public for the first time.


“Biblia Natalis” ilustrată de fraţii Wieris
Cătălina Macovei
Catalogue of an exhibition held in 2008 in Bucharest (print room of the Biblioteca Academiei Române
1+26 loose sheets, printed on both sides, in folder
[Bucharest (Biblioteca Academiei Române) 2008]

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