Black in Rembrandt’s Time [EXTENDED]

6 March - 6 September 2020

Black in Rembrandt’s Time [EXTENDED]

Exhibition: 6 March - 6 September 2020

NB the Rembrandt House Museum reopens 2 June 2020 and the exhibition is extended until 6 September 2020.

There were black people in seventeenth-century Holland, here, in society and in art, too. This fact has long—and undeservedly—been neglected. Rembrandt and many of his contemporaries actually made superb works of art featuring black people. But what is so striking about them? The stereotypes that would later determine the image of black people were yet to predominate. And black people were not just minor figures with subordinate roles, but the central subjects of the works of art.

Rembrandt (1606-1669), Tronie of a Black Woman, ca. 1630
Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam

What were the circumstances in which these unusual works of art were created? And why did the type of images change after around 1660? HERE: Black in Rembrandt’s Time showcases artists who wanted to capture the visual world, the impact of the Transatlantic slave trade and a small society of free black people who lived in Amsterdam’s Jodenbreestraat.

Guest curators

The exhibition is based on a concept by guest curators Elmer Kolfin and Stephanie Archangel and designed by artists Balai and Brian Elstak. Multi-disciplinary evening programmes will accompany the exhibition.