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Blessed Architecture! The passion of a collector

Exhibition: 15 February - 14 June 2020

No collection exists without passionā€¦ Blessed Architecture! will present for the first time to the public a collection to which a man devoted more than forty years of his life. He who dreamed of becoming an architect developed a passion for the Flemish and Dutch paintings of the 16th and 17th centuries, depicting the interiors of churches in perspective, a real challenge for the artist!

At the end of the 16th century when the conflict between the Protestants and the Catholics was in full swing, artists, with full baroque ardour, were inventing a new way of representing the divine. So, they produced grandiose light-filled churches with majestic architectural lines, exalted by spirituality. Without however omitting the scenes of everyday life which took place there, with men, women, children and animalsā€¦ thus linking the terrestrial world to the celestial.

Through research and opportunities, a unique collection of around fifty paintings, representative of the architectural painting of the Northern School, was assembled by this collector.