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Caution, Glass!

Presentation: 15 February - 20 August 2023

This showcase exhibition places a focus on the play of light and the intense luminosity of stained-glass painting—an art form that flourished during the late Gothic and Renaissance periods, especially in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. It marks the first-ever presentation of the unipartite panels of the Liberna Collection, which date from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Detail of a promotional poster for the exhibition Caution, Glass!

While stained-glass windows, which often measure several meters in height, were (and still are) an integral feature of public church spaces, the round, rectangular, or quatrefoil-shaped unipartite panels were more likely to be found ornamenting secular, private spaces. Preferred subjects were moralizing allegories or religious themes. Yet it is the translucent material and the way its appearance constantly changes with the light that continues to fascinate to this day and breathes life into the figures and stories depicted.

Together with the presentation of leaded glass windows from the twentieth century in the DAS Forum, the exhibition is also dedicated to the different facets of glass as a material. As an interface between the two, the “Blue Room” will shed light on the fascinating glassmaking techniques.