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Changing faces: Anthony Van Dyck as an etcher

Exhibition: 17 February - 17 May 2009

From the museum website, 4 February 2009

This exhibition will display the Museum’s collection of exceedingly beautiful portrait etchings by Anthony Van Dyck, executed probably before his departure to London in 1632. The portraits are nearly all of Flemish artists of Van Dyck’s generation or the preceding one, portrayed by Van Dyck as dignified and learned men, rather than ordinary craftsman. Although few in number they are among the most striking examples of the etching technique. Under Van Dyck’s direction and also after his death, other printmakers built up the compositions with engraved lines. Visitors can witness the development of the portraits by viewing impressions of the pure etchings next to later states.

To complement this exhibition drawings by Van Dyck, Joos de Momper, Jan Breughel the Elder and Frans Snyders will be on display in the Dutch Gallery (15) from the middle of February.