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Compassion (working title)

Exhibition: 20 January - 31 August 2025

NB please note that the opening and closing dates for the exhibition Erbarmen (Compassion) [working title] are tentative. Consult the museum website for the latest information about this exhibition.

Wanting to help others and feeling or showing compassion is typically human. All over the world, in different cultures, times and religions, you can see that the desire to help others recurs in many forms. Whether it is physical, spiritual or material help, it is very much alive socially. This is still true today.

The forthcoming exhibition at the MAS explores questions such as: How do people put their compassion for others (people, animals, plants, earth) into practice? Why do they do it and, what are good examples? You will see that humans have been thinking and expressing themselves about this for centuries.

Théodore Géricault (1791-1824) after Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641), Saint Martin Dividing his Cloak, ca. 1812
Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels

In this exhibition, you will see how the idea of mercy is represented in art and culture: religious and non-religious objects, works of art, popular objects and decorative pieces, as well as music, stories and customs show how man always strives to help others. Contemporary testimonies and critical voices also show how topical the theme is and still remains. And in how many ways you come into contact with it.