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Das restaurierte meisterwerk: Die Kupplerin von Vermeer

The restored masterpiece: The procuress by Vermeer Exhibition: 3 December 2004 - 27 February 2005

Semper building, Dresden Old Masters Picture Gallery


Uta Neidhardt*

This a studio exhibition to mark the restoration of the painting in 2003. The exhibition deals with the restoration of the painting, the painting technique and a new art historian approach to the painting. The studio exhibition contains only the Procuress by Vermeer and some paintings by other Netherlandish artists of the same period which are in our possession, besides some glasses, jugs, dresses, a musical instrument and some other objects to compare special aspects with the Vermeer painting. Included in the exhibition is a detailed documentation of the restoration.


A monographic catalogue will be published with essays about the restoration, scientific examinations of the Vermeer and the art historian valuation of the new discoveries.