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De 100 mooiste Rembrandts

The 100 most beautiful Rembrandts Exhibition: 28 September 2013 - 19 January 2014

From the museum website, 17 September 2013

No other Dutch artist is as well known and loved worldwide as Rembrandt. Yet it has not always been that way. In his own day, he was counted among the greatest masters, but after his death he was often reviled for his loose style and risqué subjects. This all changed in the 19th century, and he came to be revered as the greatest artist of all time. Those changing tastes are the subject of this exhibition.

Teylers has one of the world’s leading collections of Rembrandt etchings and drawings. For this occasion, Rembrandt’s 100 most beautiful works will be brought out of storage. For a brief time, his famous self-portraits, moving Bible scenes, tender portraits of his wife Saskia, racy scenes and dramatic landscapes will again be on display for all to admire.