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De slag bij Nieuwpoort, 1600-2000

The battle of Nieuwpoort, 1600-2000 Exhibition: 6 June 2000 - 7 January 2001

From the museum website

At the end of the 16th century the Dutch revolted against their Spanish overlords. Exactly four hundred years ago the battle of Nieuwpoort took place. This battle, between the Dutch troops of Prince Maurits and the Spanish under command of the archduke Albert, was the conclusion of an otherwise completely failed campaign by Maurits. The objective was to take all the Flemish coastal towns as far south as Dunkirk. However, the Dutch victory at Nieuwpoort had as an important side-effect that the reputation and prestige of Prince Maurits as a general were established in the Low Countries and the rest of Europe from that moment onwards.

By means of medals and prints from the collection of Teylers Museum, will be shown which events eventually led to this battle and which persons played a role during this campaign.