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Die Bibel in der Bildersprache der flämischen Graphik um 1600: graphische Zyklen aus der Werkstatt der Stecherfamilie Collaert

The Bible in the visual vocabulary of Flemish graphic art about 1600: print cycles from the studio of the Collaert family of engravers Presentation: 6 August - 2 November 2008

Hans I Collaert (1525/30-1580), Pinchas killing Zimri and Kosbi
Coburg, Veste Coburg

From the museum website

With about 2000 plates to their credit, the Collaert family of Flemish engravers contributed a respectable proportion of Netherlandish printmaking between Renaissance and Baroque. The multitude of subjects depicted during the early years of the Counter-Reformation is reflected among other fields in Biblical themes. A small number are displayed in this dossier exhibition.