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Drawn from the Antique: Artists & the Classical Ideal

Exhibition: 11 March - 31 May 2015

From the museum´s website, 26 February 2015

This exhibition explores the role of Antique sculpture in artistic education and practice from the Renaissance through to the nineteenth century. It features some thirty-five drawings, paintings and prints selected from the Katrin Bellinger collection, the British Museum, the Royal Academy of Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Teylers Museum. The themes addressed include the formal role of the Antique in the academic curriculum, the importance of the study of Antique sculpture in educating young artists with the Classical ideal, and the more intimate role played by incorporating Antique sculpture within portraiture. The exhibition will include celebrated images by Hendrick Goltzius, Michael Sweerts, Joseph Wright of Derby, as well as little-known works by Peter Paul Rubens, Philippe Joseph Tassaert, Hubert Robert, Joseph Mallord William Turner and William Daniels.

Curated by Adriano Aymonino and Anne Varick Lauder, the exhibition is accompanied by a substantial catalogue.