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Dutch Heritage Amsterdam

1 April - 15 May 2022

Dutch Heritage Amsterdam

Exhibition: 1 April - 15 May 2022

Location: Hermitage Amsterdam (Amstel 51, Amsterdam)

The Hermitage Amsterdam presents a new five-part series of focus exhibitions in which one masterpiece from a leading Dutch collection is highlighted.

The first edition of Dutch Heritage Amsterdam features The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer from the famous Rijksmuseum collection. The highlight of this presentations is of course Vermeer’s masterpiece, but there is more to see. Dive into the technical details of the painting and learn more about the master’s iconic use of color. All senses are stimulated; from music to smell. In addition, attention is naturally paid to the world of the artist and the historical backgrounds.

Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675), The Milkmaid, 1660
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The Milkmaid is rarely lent. The last time was in 2017 for the exhibition Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry. Currently 35 works by the Dutch master Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) are known, seven of which can be found in Dutch collections.