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Etchings by Rembrandt from the S. William Pelletier Collection

Exhibition: 17 January - 4 April 2004

From the museum website

This collection of more than thirty etchings in beautiful lifetime impressions offers the rare opportunity to see Rembrandt—arguably the finest etcher in the history of art—at his best. Rembrandt treated etchings the way other artists treated drawings and sketches, as an arena for bold experimentation; the difference was that he intended others to see his experiments. These portraits and self-portraits, biblical narratives, street scenes, and landscapes, some of them smaller than postcards, pulse with Rembrandt’s humanity, spirituality, and humor, and show his ability to tell stories and express complex emotions simply and directly.


Susan Donahue Kuretsky, S. William Pelletier, Franklin W. Robinson and Andrew C. Weislogel, Etchings by Rembrandt from the S. William Pelletier collection, Ithaca (Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art) 2004. 128 pp. No ISBN.

Other venue

Athens, Georgia, Georgia Museum of Art (17 September-14 November 2004).